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The Police Experience - With Orchestra

Florida - May 2016


I'm pleased to annouce that I have been commisioned to orchestrate the entire set for "The Police Experience". The show will feature the live band (including me on the piano) with a full orchestra performing these classic songs: Driven to Tears, Roxanne, Walking on the Moon, Every Breath You Take, Message in a Bottle, Don’t Stand So Close to Me and many more.


Tickets are available here:

A Tribute To John Williams - Part 2

Madrid - December 2015


After an incredibly succesful 3 sold out shows last year, I'm teaming up with Lucas Vidal and Steve Dzialowski once again to bring you another wonderful evening of live orchestra perfectly synced to picture. This year we will be performing in Madrid's famous "Teatro Real" with Lucas conducting the "Barbieri Symphony Orchestra".  I will be playing piano for E.T.'s End Credits sequence.



AR Rahman - North American Intimate Tour

USA & Canada - May & June 2015


This summer I was part of AR Rahman's North American tour with his greatest hits arranged and performed in more intimate settings. It was a busy 2 months involving arranging, rehearsing, last minute guest appearances and performing a couple solos on a Keytar!


I spent 2 months prior to the show with Intel to develop a new "musical" instrument which was a huge success. We also got another dose of technology mid-tour with a stop at the Google campus for a master class with AR.

"Pele" Final Dub Complete

Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA - May 2015


It was a pleasue working with Cameron Frankley and Deb Adair along with the rest of the talented WB Team. We had a great, intense week and the final product is sounding incredible. I can't wait to see it in the theatre...


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